Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Third of the month: New spam Day!
Subject: Why I tell it to you

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Waiting for the call on Ohio. Looks like Bush will come through handily, but not the Nixon-level wipeout I was predicting. Time for me to pick up sticks, and head home. The Good lady Wife came home today, and we are all the better for it. When things get a little less blurry, I'll write more about the fallout here.
And the award for most qualifications in a single sentence goes to the BBC's Florida correspondent, who made sure we knew four times that it was ABC News calling Florida for Bush, that it was a projection, a preliminary calculation, Oh, and it was ABC News.
Just as an aside for any US viewers: In Sydney it's about 85 degrees, cloudless skies. Light southeast breeze, perfect for a afternoon sail on the Harbour. Time for another beer.
Don King is the uuuugliest person I have eve seen. Period. This is a guy who fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. If I had a dog that looked like that I'd shave it's arse and teachit to walk backwards.
Maybe it's just me, but James Carville is one scary dude. He looks like a Scooby-Doo villain.
Who's the blonde dingbat on CNN doing the air quotes. Flaming death from the skies!
BBC has a woman from United Food Workers for Kerry. Judging from the picture, she looks like she got mixed up and thought it was "Food workers ARE food".
Bill Kristol has finally summoned his courage and called Florida for Bush. Sort of. It's like watching a slow bicycle race. The consensus here onthe bridge is Bush, but have to ssay it's much tighter than I thought it would be.
This election, the big contest is which network will have the stones to call Florida.
Tom Daschle has the Fixed Grin of Doom.
CNBC is showing some polling place that looks it's getting out the Pirate vote.
CNN is using Spacial LogicTM to tell us why they can't call Ohio or Florida. I hope they spent a lot of money to reachthis point.
Map walking guy on the BBC is prancing about shouting "I look like a giant!!"
The BBC has a guy WALKING all over a map of CONUS, with states leaping in reliefe, depending of how many EC votes they have. He seems to think there is a raging controversy about the EC.

Now the BBC has Star Parker, pro-Bush former welfare cheat. BBCGuy says the Republicans use Libeal "as a stick to beat the opposition". Doesn't mention Kerry has been ducking the label, after his record started to get out.
Fox is "afraid to call" Florida, with 83% counted, and Bush ahead by 8%. Methinks they caution too much.
BBC compere gets bitch-slapped by Dt Kiron Skinner fromthe Defence Policy Board for his assumption she was a "staunch Republican". Not that there's anything wrong with that/
Larry King suggests "there will be no mandate tonight, will there?" Bob Woodward doesn't like the lawyers. He says there are "thousands of egos looking for trouble". Why we need to see an interior shot of Ohio vote counting is anyone's guess.

Rudy Giuliani says there is "no question the President can win or lose the election". Gee, thanks rudy.
Rudy seems relaxed about New York not going Republican since Reagan. He says "I owe the man" to explain why he is working hard for Bush.

Fox has Bush at 156.

Brit Hume is kicking the exit polls, saying they shouldn't been "horserace" polls.
Love those instant calls exactly three seconds after closing. Somewhere out the back is an old guy slaughtering flocks of special augury pigeons to deliver the necessary opinions.
BBC is running a feed from the US Embassy in London; Boston Globe reporter and a leader from Republiicans abroad. Money question: why do so many Brtits want Bush to leave. Globe Boy repeats the usual "no plan to win the peace".

Watching Fox project winners and losers from states with 1% of the vote in. makes you wonde why they don't go for true first past the post. Like, a foot race. I like it.
established CP at Beaver's house. Beer is cold, pool looks good. Morrow has piked out, due to a bizarre prefeence for paying work. Huh. Watching Fox with some woman who sounds like Carol Channing on speed. Susan Estrich. She really wants Bush to lose. Brit Hume is watching her like she's a mongoose.
Despite arriving early at their polling place, hundreds of hopeful voters in the US election are claiming they have been disenfranchised. Officials have told the angry lines of people that they simply cannot exercise any real effect on the outcome of the US election.
"They told me I wasn't even on the electoral roll!" said one outraged would-be participant, who claimed he had travelled for several hours to get in line.

The owners and managers of the building said they were upset that things had come to this. Despite their best effort at getting people interested in the US electoral process, it looks like many voices will go unheard today.
"This is unconscionable! They're blocking us from exercising our right to have our say in who governs the US. Somebody even tried to tell me that only US Citizens can vote! We're through the looking glass here people!" shouted an outraged George Monbiot

There is no telling how far this will go, or how far up the Governmental chain the conspiracy will lead. Certainly, it is difficult to see how hundreds of people eager to cast their ballots, could be squeezed out this early, and with such a uniformity of opinions amongst those affected, conspiracies are sure to abound.

Monday, November 01, 2004


even if Paul Sheehan doesn't. Their editorial today about Binny's latest video nails it down hard:
More than ever before, bin Laden in this tape appears to be appealing to opinion in the West. Indeed, several of his sallies – such as the contemptible claim that George W. Bush did not react quickly enough to the attacks of September 11, or the gibberish about a House of Bush dynasty in the US – echo far-Left tracts such as the Michael Moore documentary Fahrenheit 9/11.

And this:
... the remarks about Israel reveal the bin Laden of today as a pathetic wraith reduced to a doomed pitch for Western liberal opinion.


Paul Sheehan is a writer I much admire, and have bought both his books as soon as possible. Sheehan has written well and perceptively about the Australian political scene, and particularly about the way the Big Media conducts itself here (Conclusion: not too well).

But today's opinion piece in the Herald is as skewed and manipulative piece as I would expect from the rest of the paper.

Sheehan's thesis is that The US went into Iraq because

President George Bush wanted to avenge his father, George Bush snr, whose failure to finish off the mocking, bellicose Saddam Hussein cost him the presidency. That sits at the core of the "war on terrorism".

That's it. No mention of routine violations of UN Resolutions. No idea that maybe a State that plots to assasinate the US President might possible be a threat not just to the US, but maybe to anyone else who thought stopping genocidal nut jobs is a Good Thing. No thought to Saddam's retention of his WMD programs, and avowed desire to continue his singular ambition of acquiring a nuke. Hell, Sheehan can't even be bothered pointing out that the removal of Saddam has been US policy since 1998.

He's some tricky fella, that Bush. First, manipulate your predecessor into signing a law that will get rid of your Daddy's boogeyman. Then, get yourself elected as a stay-at-home President. Then go to the UN and propose yet another resolution that you just somehow know will be undermined by the French, broken by the Iraqis and ignored by the Rest Of The World. Then, and only then, do you invade.


Let's take this a few lines at a time.

One of history's more disquieting chapters will be written tomorrow, November 2, election day in the United States, if the man who avoided combat during the Vietnam war, George Bush, defeats the man who served with courage in Vietnam, Senator John Kerry.

It's still all about Vietnam. Forty years on, and it's still aallll about Naaaaam.

Kerry served and Bush deferred. Kerry was wounded in combat, Bush ambled through the Air Force reserves and has dissembled about it ever since.

Actually, Kerry extended his student life four times, and only failed on his fifth effort to get a deferment. Bush volunteered to go to Vietnam and was knocked back. Bush signed the release for all his service records, Kerry continues to dissemble. Kerry volunteered for Navy duty outside of the country, and was re-assigned into combat after taking up his post. He collected three Purple Hearts, one for a wound covered with a Band-Aid, and bugged out as soon as possible.

Before this President committed the US to invading Iraq, America had the moral authority bequeathed by the dead of September 11

What "moral authority" might that be? And who hands out the "get out of consequences" cards? Cause it's not the UN.

The US military cast an unassailable image of being able to deploy immense firepower into any theatre. Saddam's psychotic regime had been locked down. America's intelligence resources were concentrated on the threat posed by Islamic terrorism.

I guess Sheehan hasn't heard of the Oil-For-Palaces program at the UN. Saddam made it a point to make sure his friends and protectors in the media and the UN got a slice of his $10b skim. Containment. In a sieve.

Huge resources of manpower, money, prestige, credibility and intelligence has been re-routed to the Texas grudge in Iraq.

Gotta get that "Texas" crack in somewhere.

Iran brazenly marches towards acquiring nuclear weapons.

While facilitated by the UN. And Kerry's answer to this is to give them the bloody fuel. Also, no suggestion from Sheehan about what the US might actually do about the spectre of a nuclear-armed theocracy.

Israel continues to receive a blank cheque from Washington as it devolves into an apartheid state.

No, Israel remains the only Middle East state that allows it's Arab citizens a vote. Soon their will be two others, but they don't count, do they?

Credible estimates of civilian dead have been about 10,000, but last week the British medical journal, The Lancet, published a survey estimating that about 100,000 Iraqi civilians may have died as a result of the US-led invasion.

For a thorough debunking of the Lancet's suspect data-gathering, see here. Hell's Bells, even Human Rights Watch thinks the figures are "inflated".

This is a highly contentious claim for such a prestigious journal to publish

Ya Think? The Lancet has admitted in their own editorial that they "rushed" the study into publication. Of course, the rush had nothing to do with getting it into the press before the US election. Nothing to see, move on.

Sheehan quotes from Kerry's own Vietnam diaries:

"For the first time I realised that they were planning to take the old man in with them to act as a human mine detector ... [Later] I noticed that the prisoner wasn't with them and the Green Beret winked at me when I asked and said that he had tried to escape. With a smile on his face they boarded the boats and we left the area ... I found out that he had been knifed by one of the Nungs [mercenary] and then sliced up and left with a note of warning to the VC."

Beware of relying on Kerry's recollections. Has Sheehan not heard of Christmas in Cambodia? Or his Magic CIA hat?

... Kerry won the Democratic nomination because he is a hard campaigner, he has gravitas, and his military service stands in such unflattering contrast to that of the president.

Kerry won the nomination by swinging hard against the war to combat Howard Dean, then zipped back across once Dean dropped out.

Kerry's evolution was clarified by intense moments such as this, in 1969, during a firefight in Vietnam: "I was amazed by how detached I was from the whole scene. I just lay in a ditch, not firing because I wanted to save ammo and because I couldn't see what I was firing at. I thought about what was happening in New York at that very moment and if people really felt that I was doing something worthwhile while they went down to Schrafft's and had another ice-cream sundae ..."

Seared. Seared in me. This is the guy you want running things when the used food hits the A\C.This ability to focus really increases my confidence levels.

Only one candidate came to public office as a warrior scarred and cautioned by war. The other came to office as a moral tourist.

Kerry has had more positions on more issues than I've had hot dinners. He wants to reduce terrorism to a "nuisance". Bush wants to hammer them flat, then plough the earth with salt. Kerry wants to hand it all back to the French, knowing they will do nothing. Bush has liberated more Muslims than any other political figure in history.

And if you don't believe me, ask the Iraqis
Handy hint for today:

When painting, instead of using undercoat and two top (colour) coats, try tinting the undercoat to the colour of the top coat. This will produce the right colour, while eliminating one entire coat. If you're lucky, you'll get around the whole room in a day.
Just a quick note to newcomers. Down below you can see the little Comments link. Please leave a note with any opinions you care to share with the class. Those of you who are frustrated nwspaper letter-writers, this is your chance. Guaranteed Publication!
Welcome to Counterpoint readers! If this is your first excursion into the Blogosphere, perhaps a few words of background are in order.

Firstly, this is a Weblog, or Blog for short. This is MY blog. I feel no need or obligation to be fair, even-handed or objective. I write about what I like to write about, in the way I like. In my case, I like a good rant as much as the next guy, and you can find a few of them down below.

Unfortunately, for family reasons I have been off the air for over a year now, and I am using the Counterpoint Diary as a motivator to rejoin the ranks of the blogging. During the week I will be adding content as and when time permits.

Please come back at least for Wednesday (Sydney time) for live and unedited blogging from poolside as we watch George W Bush get re-elected over Kerry. James Morrow (link below) and I will be live and drunk for the count, presuming we can master the intricacies of time zones. For the record, I expect to see Bush returned with a substantial majority. This is down from my previous predictions of a Nixonesque landslide.

Anyway, I have to get Number One Daughter to school now, so here is a kind of greatest hits directory so you can have a quick squiz around. Too-rah.

Sunday, October 31, 2004


Is there a level of fear associated with being a Conservative voter. Well, for me there is. It's not a fear of being beaten up, or my kids being laughed at, or a fear that I will be bashed, imprisoned and put on show trial.

But there is a definite reluctance to state your opinions in a relaxed, easy fashion. Ask yourself; when was the last time you heard someone express an unsolicited opinion in favour of John Howard. Apart from taxi drivers. And how often will someone happily express their loathing of the Government? Where are the Pro-Coalition bumper stickers? Graffiti?

Why do those on the Left feel less inhibition in putting their opinions forward?

First and foremost, I think it's because people who deliver unsolicited political opinions are loudmouth bastards. But that's just me.

Secondly, I think it's a matter of fear of consequences. I wouldn't put a pro-Howard sticker on my car for the plain and simple reason that I'm afraid of the car being scratched up. I wouldn't care very much if the sticker got scratched off, or even if someone questioned why I would have such an obscenity on my vehicle. The fact is, I think there is a good chance that the car would be keyed, and this would cost me hard currency.

I don't put forward my opinions in conversation with others because I don?t feel like having to justify having them. If I am a guest, I won't express myself freely for fear of provoking a fight with other guests, and creating a difficulty with the host.

For those of us of a Conservative vote, it's a little like revealing a mildly embarrassing hobby: "Oh really, I collect 19th Century pornography as well!". The rule is, you never go first if you're a Coalition supporter.

And I really like the reaction from ALP voters when I reveal my true colours: "You know, I wouldn't have taken you for a Liberal voter". This is a distant relative of "Gee, you don"t look Jewish" and on nodding terms with "some of my best friends are (insert sub-group here)".

I don't think ALP voters are hairy-knuckled trade union brawlers, nor do I think Greens voters are tree pixies. But it makes you wonder what sort of cocoon a person lives in if they never encounter people with differing opinion.

Friday, October 29, 2004

The infiltration has begun.

Starting this week, I will be the featured diarist on the
Counterpoint web site. Please feel free to drop by and leave your impressions and comments as we go on.

The good news is I get five days on the inside to rant away. The better news is this will include the US election results, for which I intend to get thoroughly polluted.

Morrow and I are planning a soiree for the day that offers all the requirements of a good time: booze, barbecue and bandwidth. I expect to follow the example of others and maintain an even strain throughout the day. Look for me poolside.
Well, perhaps some housekeeping.

It’s been almost two years since I hung up the blog-spurs. During that time, some things have changed. For regular readers, yes, we lost Dad. He went in February last year, and I guess it was fairly easy for him as these things go.

I quit my day job, and bought a new business, which has kept me pretty busy. Things are swing back to a more level playing field now, so it feels like it’s time to pick up the sword again.

So I hope you stick around again. For those who have stopped by in my absence, thanks for the faith. For those who occasionally needled me about the stupendous lack of posting, thanks Beav.

So let’s begin again.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Regarding the Suicide bombing attack on Australian troops in Baghdad.

Interesting compare & contrast from Tuesday’s ABC AM radio current affairs:

MATT BROWN: So if there are many military vehicles to choose from, why do you dismiss the notion that the attackers could've picked out the distinctive look of the Australia light armoured vehicle?

Then, 90 minutes later ABC political correspondent Barrie Cassidy talks with ABC radio morning host Sally Loane about the same attack, with Cassidy asserting:

… the vehicles are virtually indistinguishable …there is no evidence the terrorists targeted Australians specifically …

Which one of these reporters do you think was stretching to make their point?

Speaking of Barrie Cassidy. What do you think; separated at birth?

Friday, October 22, 2004

This is another test post

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

This is a test post

Sunday, November 24, 2002

In the Weekend Australian, the father of one of the Bali victims seeks to question what part Australian foreign policy played in his son’s death. Here is my reply.

A compassionate view would be to let Mr Deegan have his say, and hope that later he will recover from his grief. However, Mr Deegan is only in the paper because his son was killed, and this gives him a valid perspective from which to speak. It does not gift him with any special expertise on terrorism, global politics or foreign policy.

Take his assumed “root causes”; that his son was killed because of our response to the US war on terror. This is simply wrong. Me Deegan’s son was killed because of our role in East Timor, an action that took place more than two years before the attacks on the US. And given Mr Deegan’s desire for Australia to “stand in these uncertain times shoulder to shoulder – not just all the way with the USA – with all countries under the one banner of the UN”, it’s surprising he didn’t notice that East Timor was a UN operation, with Asian countries backing it, and the USA nowhere to be seen.

Mr Deegan, you son was murdered by right-wing religious fanatics who carefully selected him as a target unlikely to provide any resistance, and therefore minimise the killer’s chances of being caught. The reason, as repeated by the bombers, was that our country had the moral will to prevent a mass slaughter of people whose only desire was to no longer live under a dictatorship.

The bombers, there paymasters and supporters, feel that your son’s right to life was lessened because of his citizenship, and his insistence on not living under Islamic rule. He was murdered to make a political point, in the same was as our politicians might give a door stop interview. But our leaders do not see Moslems here as having any less right to their beliefs as any other citizen.

There is no point in your essay where you take the killers to task, questioning their motives, their methods, their ways. I find it truly incredible that you can forgive your son’s murderers so quickly, and yet still be able to reserve your scepticism and dislike for your elected leaders.

Friday, November 22, 2002

In a blatant attempt to snag some of the traffic Blair has sent this way, I am reproducing last week’s post because the archiving system seems to have gone kerlfooey.

There's plenty to choose from. If you would like to see Phillip Adams thrown into a pit with a Tasmanian Devil nursing a neck wound, Press One.
Sick and tired of the BLOODY VIETNAM QUAGMIRE PROTEST ALL ABOUT OIL BABY BOOMER DINGBATS. Bang your forehead here repeatedly.
If you find the “chickenhawk” argument less than fragrant, Press 4.
Is Nelson Mandela a World Statesman, or a cranky old left-wing coot? Find out.
Ever wonder what will happen if the weapons inspectors actually find something? I have.
Let’s hear it for Western Civilisation!

Enjoy your stay, come back soon, and try the links on the side. They’re the one’s I read pretty much daily so they’re the source, cause, blame or mitigating circumstances for what flops onto the page. If you have questions or suggestions (anatomical or otherwise), email is at the top.

In a blatant attempt to snag some of the traffic Blair has sent this way, I am reproducing last week’s post because the archiving system seems to have gone kerlfooey.

There's plenty to choose from. If you would like to see Phillip Adams thrown into a pit with a Tasmanian Devil nursing a neck wound, Press One.
Sick and tired of the BLOODY VIETNAM QUAGMIRE PROTEST ALL ABOUT OIL BABY BOOMER DINGBATS. Bang your forehead here repeatedly.
If you find the “chickenhawk” argument less than fragrant, Press 4.
Is Nelson Mandela a World Statesman, or a cranky old left-wing coot? Find out.
Ever wonder what will happen if the weapons inspectors actually find something? I have.
Let’s hear it for Western Civilisation!

Enjoy your stay, come back soon, and try the links on the side. They’re the one’s I read pretty much daily so they’re the source, cause, blame or mitigating circumstances for what flops onto the page. If you have questions or suggestions (anatomical or otherwise), email is at the top.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Apologies for the unexplained absence. Family troubles will keep me occupied for a few more days, and then hot blog action will presumably return to normal rant levels.

Paul Wright

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