Friday, October 29, 2004

The infiltration has begun.

Starting this week, I will be the featured diarist on the
Counterpoint web site. Please feel free to drop by and leave your impressions and comments as we go on.

The good news is I get five days on the inside to rant away. The better news is this will include the US election results, for which I intend to get thoroughly polluted.

Morrow and I are planning a soiree for the day that offers all the requirements of a good time: booze, barbecue and bandwidth. I expect to follow the example of others and maintain an even strain throughout the day. Look for me poolside.
Well, perhaps some housekeeping.

It’s been almost two years since I hung up the blog-spurs. During that time, some things have changed. For regular readers, yes, we lost Dad. He went in February last year, and I guess it was fairly easy for him as these things go.

I quit my day job, and bought a new business, which has kept me pretty busy. Things are swing back to a more level playing field now, so it feels like it’s time to pick up the sword again.

So I hope you stick around again. For those who have stopped by in my absence, thanks for the faith. For those who occasionally needled me about the stupendous lack of posting, thanks Beav.

So let’s begin again.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Regarding the Suicide bombing attack on Australian troops in Baghdad.

Interesting compare & contrast from Tuesday’s ABC AM radio current affairs:

MATT BROWN: So if there are many military vehicles to choose from, why do you dismiss the notion that the attackers could've picked out the distinctive look of the Australia light armoured vehicle?

Then, 90 minutes later ABC political correspondent Barrie Cassidy talks with ABC radio morning host Sally Loane about the same attack, with Cassidy asserting:

… the vehicles are virtually indistinguishable …there is no evidence the terrorists targeted Australians specifically …

Which one of these reporters do you think was stretching to make their point?

Speaking of Barrie Cassidy. What do you think; separated at birth?

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