Tuesday, November 12, 2002

What’s up with the editorial in today’s Granny? First up is the prediction that Federal Opposition Leader Simon Crean is a dean man walking, filling the shoes until the inevitable defeat clears the way for a challenge.
Labor's shell-shocked demeanour confirms its resilient refusal to believe it lost an election that was there for the taking a year ago. That's a death smell. Mr Crean must show he can change. Otherwise, a strike at his leadership, even from the reluctant next generation, seems inevitable.

There’s even a message about policy direction:
This does not demand a return to the old leftist dogma of economic intervention and manipulation rejected by Labor a quarter of a century ago but which, lamentably, is resurrected by those who think turning back the clock will deliver working class dignity and save the heartland from ravages like the Cunningham by-election.

“Leftist dogma”? It seems that the ALP is not the only organization that has sniffed the wind.

In the second editorial, the Herald has seen the future for China, and it ain’t leftist dogma either:
The pretence that socialism lies at the heart of modern China has finally been swept away with the official welcome of those once-reviled enemies of the proletariat, private entrepreneurs, into the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The President, Jiang Zemin, may claim his nation is in the throes of a "great pioneering enterprise" as it develops a market economy under a socialist system of government. But in truth, communism has been jettisoned in all but name.

More heresy from the voice of the soggy Left:
While economic growth remains strong it may be possible to paper over the cracks. A market economy, however, requires freedom of thought, innovation and individual initiative to flourish and continue to grow beyond low-wage manufacturing industries.

The key question for China is when and how, not if, these tensions will be played out.

It’s like I’m looking is a mirror!

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