Friday, November 22, 2002

In a blatant attempt to snag some of the traffic Blair has sent this way, I am reproducing last week’s post because the archiving system seems to have gone kerlfooey.

There's plenty to choose from. If you would like to see Phillip Adams thrown into a pit with a Tasmanian Devil nursing a neck wound, Press One.
Sick and tired of the BLOODY VIETNAM QUAGMIRE PROTEST ALL ABOUT OIL BABY BOOMER DINGBATS. Bang your forehead here repeatedly.
If you find the “chickenhawk” argument less than fragrant, Press 4.
Is Nelson Mandela a World Statesman, or a cranky old left-wing coot? Find out.
Ever wonder what will happen if the weapons inspectors actually find something? I have.
Let’s hear it for Western Civilisation!

Enjoy your stay, come back soon, and try the links on the side. They’re the one’s I read pretty much daily so they’re the source, cause, blame or mitigating circumstances for what flops onto the page. If you have questions or suggestions (anatomical or otherwise), email is at the top.

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