Monday, November 11, 2002

FOOD FOR THOUGHT from a letter writer. It’s worth reproducing in full:
Men are the real heroes
People dragged from the burning Sari Club by strangers; a killer wrestled to the ground in a university; people saved from Martin Bryant's rampage by their loved ones lying on top of them and taking the bullets. Firefighters rushing into the burning Twin Towers when others are rushing out, only to die en masse in the subsequent collapse.
The people risking their lives in this fashion usually have one thing in common, the much-maligned Y chromosome.
Yes, women do on occasion sacrifice themselves in heroic acts, but usually only when it involves someone they know - a close family member such as a child.
For many years feminists have taken great delight in listing the unpaid work of women and appending a large dollar value to such work. Well, here is the unpaid job description that every man carries in today's world: unpaid bodyguard.
Call me old-fashioned, but I believe many of the problems between the sexes would disappear if women simply recognised and honoured the heroes in their midst. The fathers, husbands, sons and complete strangers who would die to protect them.
My words will strike many as not particularly politically correct. Perhaps all that reveals is their innate truth.
Michael Glynn, Elderslie, November 9.

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