Monday, October 21, 2002

A want to hammer this point home. Last week, Phillip Adams said:
It is now my sad duty to say... I told you so. As expected, Washington is spiralling out of control - and Australia has as much to fear from its powerful friend as it does from its putative enemies.

“As much to fear” from the USA as our “putative” enemies.

This was published on the same day as the putative Bali bombs. Today, given the chance, Adams has not deigned to mention the attacks, nor apologise for getting it so wrong, not offer a word of sympathy for the families of the victims.

There can be no greater example of the wilful blindness of Adams and his followers. There is no enemy greater than the US President, and his cabana boy John Howard. Nothing has happened since Vietnam, and there are no issues greater than replacing the governments of Australia and the USA which are, after all, as illegitimate as that of Iraq.

The Australian need to call this fool to account.

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