Friday, October 04, 2002


Expect to see more of this in the weeks to come.
The U.S. military has dropped leaflets over southern Iraq in a promised psychological campaign to undercut support for Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, U.S. officials told CNN on Thursday.
The propaganda is being dropped over southern Iraq, warning the rank-and-file Iraqi military not to target coalition warplanes. The wording notes a determined U.S. effort to attack the sources of such ground fire, and says "You could be next."

My pick? As the force buildup becomes more overt, further propaganda efforts will include:
· Leaflet drops to tell the rank and file to surrender the moment they see the first Allied tank or face annihilation, along with helpful diagrams on how to identify the tanks;

· High altitude leaflet drops into Baghdad, warning the population of what’s coming, and advising them to stay away from mosques and shopping areas;

· High intensity jamming-type radio broadcasts on command frequencies, informing unit commanders (possibly by name) that they will be held responsible for the conduct of their units. These will tie in with the surrender leaflets;

· Offers through diplomatic channels or other means to high ranking Iraqi military, offering amnesty/mitigation/vast sums of readies/head start, for whoever kills Saddam first after the bombs start falling.

Thanks to Little Green Footballs for the link.

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