Wednesday, October 23, 2002


That noble Band of Brothers, the Australian National Union of Students, has again blessed us with their clear-sighted analysis of why some loon decided on Monday that shooting his classmates was preferable to doing his homework.
the increase in violence on university campuses could be very seriously attributed to the policies of the Howard Government.

The only reason this nutter didn’t have bigger guns is because Howard got them out of the community.
It is not just their disgusting policies which are destroying lives of university students, lumping them with massive debt and forcing students to work two, sometimes three, part-time jobs

Those are debts that only cover a fraction of their education costs, and only has to be paid back when they start earning a higher wage. In a system conceived and introduced by the ALP.

But you know what’s coming, don’t you? What Rough Beast slouches our way?
also its current position on foreign policy.

The Scene: angry loner at home, cleaning guns. Are you talking to me? You must be, because I only want to see a real and lasting end to the Israeli occupation . These seven handguns? I need them because Howard is backing the US against Iraq. The tinfoil wallpaper is to block the CIA spy rays.
Howard has played the politics of divide which has left Australians feeling isolated and scared, contributing to [Monday morning's] tragic events

Oh yeah. Divided into the 61 per cent that support him, and the 18 per cent that go for the Other Guy.

So their idea is that a Malaysian student came to Australia, enrolled in University, bought his seven handguns, registered them, and decided to take five of them along for a show-and-tell that went horribly wrong, and all because of Federal Government education and foreign policy.

Who did he kill?
They were Steven Chan, 26, of Doncaster, and Xu Hui (William) Wu, 26, a Chinese national and resident of Hong Kong who was a neighbour of the man charged.

Note, no education officials, University staff or other obvious targets of someone driven by anger at policy. He went after fellow students and his teachers.

The NUS also seems to be out of touch with their own membership, who have a better handle on who is to blame. They have also neglected to mention anecdotal reports that the killer was known to be frustrated at his lack of English, and an inability to communicate in class.

In fact, the guy actually pulling trigger gets a pass from the NUS here. He doesn’t rate a mention, because the NUS considers him just another helpless victim of politics.

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