Friday, October 18, 2002

There is literally no limit to the depravity of the North Korean regime. They kidnap Japanese nationals, hold them prisoner, kill some of them, and finally cough up the confirmation that they did it.
Then they try for some brownie points by allowing some of them to return home for a visit. Except:
The returnees have been unable to return with their children. Hitomi Soga, who is married to a former US soldier, Charles Robert Jenkins, has also been forced to leave her husband in North Korea. Even though North Korea says the kidnapped Japanese are now free to return to their home country if they wish, the families say the children are being kept in North Korea as hostages.

And these idiots have actually admitted to having The Bomb? Why not just paint a big target on your foreheads fellas?
Thanks to Juan Gato for the link.

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