Sunday, October 20, 2002

Tex is heavily involved in watching motorcycles drive around in circles, so it falls to me to conduct the weekly Hugh Mackay cavity search.

I expected some facile pretence at understanding Bali, and I wasn’t disappointed.
We want to believe that such a vile act can be attributed to people we have already identified as "the enemy". We need to know that this is the work of someone we have already learnt to recognise as the embodiment of evil. We especially don't want to discover that it was some random act, carried out by an independent band of fanatics with a local political agenda.

Simple logic, I would have thought; the overwhelming majority of terror attacks are carried out by right wing Islamic fundamentalists.
So Osama bin Laden is the name on everyone's lips, even before the rescuers have finished their grim task of searching the Bali rubble for human remains. It's as if we need this to be the work of Islamic extremists; we would be curiously reassured to learn that it was part of a cohesive global strategy devised by al-Qaeda.

Yo Hugh! Get a clue! Osama bin liner has made it very bloody clear how he feels about our invasion/protection of East Timor:
The criminal Kofi Annan spoke publicly and put pressure on the Indonesian government, giving it a 24-hour ultimatum to (accept) the secession of East Timor or face the dispatch of troops to impose it by force

And this was done with the backing of the UN, with little assistance from the USA. In other words, we did everything the way the anti-US Left wants it done. If it turns out that this was a payback for our role there, I want a full retraction from Mackay.

The silliest thing in this week’s s-bend clog is that Mackay asks the predictable question:
But it would not be wrong to ask ourselves this: what is it about Western society and culture (and US foreign policy, in particular) that attracts such hatred from the margins?

Without noticing that he had already answered it earlier:
There are many Islamic fundamentalists who want nothing less than the overthrow of what they see as our morally bankrupt, permissive, decadent, materialistic society. They will stop at nothing in their struggle to bring this about, since they believe they are obeying the divine will

There's your easy answer: they hate us and want us dead. Period.

Could this be the start of Hugh’s drift into the warblogger camp?

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