Saturday, October 19, 2002

Stephen Green has shaken his illness, and is back in the game.
A sample:
Granting that Europe has to rely on someone else to defend them, what policy would be in the best interest of Brussels, Paris, and Berlin?
Simple: Europe should sit down and shut up and let the grown ups take care of the danger.
Imagine there’s an arsonist in the neighborhood. He’s already burned down your garage, and he’s started several other fires around the block. Meanwhile, your old friends across the street, in as much danger as you – and without fire insurance – hinder your every effort to find and stop the terrorist. Er, arsonist. Adding insult to injury, they sometimes whisper that you’re the real pyromaniac.
These are not the actions of good neighbors. They are not the actions of friends. They aren’t even rational actions.

More more more.

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