Wednesday, October 16, 2002

SOMEBODY tell Bob Brown to shut the hell up.
Greens Senator Bob Brown says while the priority is to help the victims and track down those responsible for the attacks, questions about the claim need to be answered.

"There are serious concerns about the intelligence warnings or failure to warn," he said.

This from a guy that has resolutely resisted any increase in intelligence capabilities. This from the Party that only six weeks ago said this:
ASIO [Australian domestic spy agency] can obtain intelligence relating to potential terrorism through their usual working arrangements with the Australian Federal Police. These powers or any other extension of powers to ASIO are not needed

Terrorists in Indonesia? Obviously the correct response is to send a delegation to ….
investigate human rights abuses by US-trained troops in the Philippines.

After years of demonising the CIA and the USA, suddenly Bob is bitching that Australia didn’t pay enough attention to their warnings. "They're lying, and they're not sharing their lies!". This is craven politicking of the worst kind, by a man who thinks devotion equals legitimacy.

Stuff it mate.

UPDATE: Maybe we should have an inquiry, like Bob asks for. But let's make sure it includes an assessment of what we might have been able to find out had fanatics like Brown not been there to stymie every advance.

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