Friday, October 25, 2002

Some thoughts about Harry Belafonte, and Colin Powell.

Belafonte has basically said Powell is a “house nigger”, and wants him gone because Powell agrees with Bush. The reason given is that Powell wants to keep his place “in the white man’s house”. Belafonte does not seem to acknowledge that Powell got where he is through sheer ability and determination. Indeed, if Belafonte’s views of the US government as racist are true, then Powell has had to prove himself over and over.

Now he has gone after Condaleeza Rice, turfing her from the keynote spot at an awards dinner.

It looks like the message is pretty clear: Your ability dos not matter. Nor does your conviction or your value as a symbol of black success. The only thing that counts is that you work for and support a Republican President.

Belafonte would rather have no blacks working in the White House, than have them supporting Bush. If you assume a roughly 50-50 split between parties, this means no blacks in senior policy positions for half of the time. Toeing the line is more important than having any policy input from inside, because no policy that arises from a Republican white House can be good for blacks.

Does anyone else notice that this delivers a monopoly on black policy making to the Democrats? How is this different from corrupt political donations?

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