Friday, October 18, 2002


Saw Richard Holbrooke and Jeane Kirkpatrick on the News Hour yesterday. Holbrooke made an interesting comment on why the French behave as they do.
RICHARD HOLBROOKE: Well, I agree with everything that Jeane Kirkpatrick just said. It reminds me a little of that famous line from 'My Fair Lady,' where Professor Higgins says to Eliza Doolittle, "The French don't actually care what you say as long as you pronounce it correctly." This is really the French concern with two things, in addition to what Jeane just said.
Number one, the French want to preserve a special role for the Security Council in such affairs because the Security Council, which gave the French a permanent seat and the right of a veto when it was created in 1945 is France's most important claim to big power status. After all, if you were reconstructing the Security Council in 2002, France and the UK would not both get permanent seats and vetoes. So that's important to the French.

This would explain things further than the “surrender monkey” argument, which is also has the ring of truth.

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