Wednesday, October 02, 2002


INTERESTING. Sarah Madison, spokesbeing for the Women's Electoral Lobby told the audience of Sydney Radio 2SM (about 11:52am) that the WEL will never allow a man to run the organization. Even better when it came after an hour of Madison bellyaching about the glass ceiling.

While this hardly comes as a surprise, it is unusual to see their prejudice expressed so clearly. Doubly so when we look at the policies of
the WEL.
WEL policy seeks to increase the representation of women in all
- both elected and appointed - public offices as a priority until such time
as women are present in Australian public life in numbers proportionate to
their representation in the community and their desire for involvement.

And from the WEL NSW site:
WEL is an independent, non-party political organisation
dedicated to creating a society where women's participation and potential are
unrestricted, acknowledged and respected, and where women and men share equally in society's responsibilities and rewards
(my emphasis)
Although information about the funding of the Women’s Electoral Lobby is hard to find on the web, I found this tidbit from the Office of the Status of Women entry on the WEL.
Financial Base
Funding is through membership subscriptions. During 1998-99, operational funding was provided by the Commonwealth Office of the Status of Women.

Can anyone tell me if it is legal for an organisation so sexist to receive Government funding?

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