Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Let’s watch the response of Margot Kingston and Phillip Adams to the release of the report into the SIEV-X sinking. They demanded an inquiry, they got it, and according to a leak to The Australian:
THE report of the children overboard inquiry, to be released tomorrow, is expected to clear the Australian Defence Force of any blame in relation to the Siev X sinking and 353 asylum-seekers dying.

My prediction: the cries of whitewash and cover-up will ring throughout the land. Dark conspiracies will be hinted at; Inquiring Minds Want To Know.

These clowns have beaten everyone to the punch, and are already demanding a judicial inquiry. Should that fail to reach the proper conclusion, you can be sure they will want a Royal Commission. People like this accept no outcome that varies with their idea of Revealed Truth. It is easier for them to believe in conspiracy than incompetence. Particularly their own.

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