Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Kim Weatherall has responded to my questions about The New Piracy. She proves why it’s a good idea to ask lawyers for legal opinions, but only if you’re not paying the hourly rate.
I think the first, big legal problem that this scenario faces is not, interestingly, a copyright problem. It's a problem under what us lawyers call "passing off" - where you pass of your work or product as the work or product of someone else. Around the world, it is known as "personality rights".

Thanks for the response Kim, and yes, I would like to set some questions for your next intellectual property law exam. Here’s a sample, taken from real life:

Number One Daughter: Stop copying everything I say!
Number Two Daughter: Stop Copying everything I say!
Number One Daughter: Daaaaad! Make her stop!
Number Two Daughter: Daaaaad! Make her stop!


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