Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Just found the Fiends of the Earth satire site. I especially enjoyed this reprint
of a WSJ article about the FOE’s attempts to shed their too-white image
The Mobilization for Global Justice, the coalition of activists that's organizing A16, aims to change that. "It's not totally white Jews," organizer Adam Eidinger says of the protest cadre. "I'm Jewish, and so are some other people working on this, but we looked around the room and said, `We're a little weak on this one.'" So after a unanimous decision in February, the coalition allotted $4,257 (4,481 euros), almost a third of its budget, to hire veteran black activist Asantewaa Nkrumah-Ture to muster support among African-Americans and other minorities.

Fiends of the Earth: Changing the world because we scare.

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