Monday, October 28, 2002

HOW LONG before someone decides that Australia should “just get over it”? The charming woman I was forced to sit with at dinner last year thought that five months was long enough for the US; I wonder if that is the benchmark? And how long until the Government begins to feel the pressure to remove travel warnings?

The Indonesian President thinks a few weeks is long enough:
Speaking at an APEC breakfast, Ms Megawati said that while she was committed to fighting terrorism: "We would not apply the policies that would at the end upset the lives of our people and harm their welfare."
The thinly veiled attack against Australia and other countries comes a day after Mr Howard met Ms Megawati to discuss the countries' combined efforts to find those responsible for the Bali bombings, which killed nearly 100 Australians.

“We haven’t found the terrorists that killed your citizens on my turf, we have not implemented any changes that will lessen the likelihood of another attack, and this is the first time I bothered to offer condolences to the foreign dead. But don’t you dare stay away! As rich Westerners, you owe a duty to spend your hard currency here, propping up the system that made the attack possible.”

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