Thursday, October 17, 2002

Germaine Greer left her country many years ago, and despite many promises, has returned several times to bother us. I for one am willing to pay hard currency if the UK will confiscate her passport.

In her latest screed, she lines up firmly with the “blame whitey” crew.
The only way to get along with everyone is to take sides with no one, but successive Australian governments have chosen to ignore this obvious fact.

There are so many internal inconsistencies in this steaming pile, it is tempting to let them speak for themselves. But where is the fun in that?
The vast country lies as defenceless as a turtle on its back, because there is not sufficient wealth in the economy to underwrite the cost of developing any kind of infrastructure along the endless coastline.

Except that:
Any foreign power that invaded Australia from the north would pretty soon wish it hadn't. The limitless expanse offers no support of any kind;

Please keep this woman in the UK, to spare her the pain of coming back:
The paradox of a poor country which remains undeveloped while its citizens squander their substance on what they are proud to call a "sophisticated recreational lifestyle" has always struck me as painful.

I’d like to thank the international community for their forebearance and lack of invasion:
The rest of the world lets Australian uranium mines operate with impunity.

And watch out Canada, China, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Romania and Russia.

Germaine dabbles in some historical what-ifs:
In 1939, prime minister Robert Menzies declared war on Germany before Britain did, probably because he needed to silence considerable opposition to the war on the part of Irish-Australians by bringing in war-time restrictions on freedom of speech and association.

It was all a plot, see? Just to keep the (insert name of downtrodden here) down.

Here’s her view of the War in the Pacific:
The abandonment of the Japanese offensive

Interesting choice of words in “abandonment”. I would have picked defeated, perhaps repelled, or even turned back, but I’m not a public-teat-sucking intellectual.

Australia sent troops to Korea, to Vietnam and to the Gulf.

Without a single instance of terrorist attack.

Australian involvement in that conflict [GW1] meant very little to its allies, the actual contribution being minuscule

I know it’s difficult for Greer to understand loyalty, and why our willingness to step up might account for the ability to call on Allies at another time and place. Yeah, we’re doing very little, apart from this year taking charge of the sanctions blockade in the Gulf.

Come and see the Magic defence budget, where
during the 1980s the Australian defence establishment had gradually and deliberately been reduced to next to nothing.

Australian defence spending will certainly increase, with little effect on Australia's stature as an ally and policy maker but with crushing impact on the Australian people. Already, funding for essential social services has been cut and long-term welfare initiatives are being abandoned.

Crushing impact, yes. I myself can barely keep body and soul together, but The Good Lady Wife has her chums rolling bandages for Our Boys. Except that defence spending has declined as a percentage of GDP from the mid 1980’s to 1999.

Greer is desperately hoping that no-one actually reading this swill has any knowledge of Australia, and has not read an Australian newspaper for a while.
Meanwhile, tension between Muslims and non-Muslims in Australia is mounting, fuelled by media massaging of deplorable cases of gang-rapes of girls who happened to be Christian by boys who happened to be Muslim.

I must have missed all the hate crimes, graffiti, attacks and general mopery directed at Muslims. Because it didn’t happen. And despite Greer’s assertion that the “boys” only “happened to be Muslim:
· Nine of them got a total of240 years, one sentenced to a maximum 55 years
· The rapists repeatedly identified themselves by nationality and religion
· Routinely sent SMS racial slurs directed at Anglos from phone to phone, calling in associates to the rapes.

And in case you still don’t get who the real bastards are:
In allowing the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, to be the first to identify the Bali bombers as al-Qa'eda, American intelligence has sent an ill-prepared Australia into the front line.

Stupid of me, I know. I could have sworn it was the murder of my countrymen that put us on the front line. What was I thinking?

UPDATE: Silent Running has sunk the slipper into Greer. Good read.
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