Thursday, October 17, 2002


Greg Sheridan has some harsh words for the blame Australia/US alliance.
Some things are said which are too foolish to be uttered in this serious and solemn time. It is demeaning and almost demented to say the terrorists hate us primarily because we have supported aspects of US foreign policy. Did the terrorists also target innocent Balinese because of their US connections?

And more reality:
Those who doubt terrorists would use weapons of mass destruction last week doubted they would target us as Australians at all. The week before that they doubted that al-Qa'ida had deeply penetrated South-East Asia. A little more than a year ago they doubted terrorists would kill thousands of civilians on the US mainland.
Now they doubt Saddam Hussein would give weapons of mass destruction to terrorists with whom he has well established connections.
I no longer have faith in their doubts. I no longer wish to live by their doubts.

Go read. Go.

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