Monday, October 14, 2002

Back from holidays, and frankly I’m buggered. So there will be a little to say tonight about Bali, and then to bed.

First point: this was an attack directed at Australians, by Indonesian Islamic terrorists seeking to influence Australian policy. This was not a random attack, nor was it a coincidence that these venues were targeted. They were after us.

Second Point: Australia is now irrevocably committed to the war on terrorism. It is as much our war as the USA’s, or anyone else’s. We have to accept the fact that there are people living close by who hate us and wish us dead, for the simple fact that we are not of their faith. There is nothing that secular, freedom-loving Australian can do, say or wish that will appease, pay off, divert, distract or in any way satisfy religious fanatics who are prepared to incinerate unidentified people to make a political point. Who will choose soft civilian targets over military options that are as readily presented, simply because it’s less risky to kill unarmed civilians. This is war to the death.

Third Point: Indonesia will now have to choose. They are either with Australia, or against us. Australia is the country that has done more to assist their development than any other. The country that trains big pieces of their army; donates cash and development aid; the country that bailed them out of their last financial crisis. The Indonesian Government had better provide full, total devotion to identifying, catching and prosecuting the animals that did this. We want to see action. Now.

Fourth Point: Indonesia did not do this. Regular off-the-shelf Islam did not do this. These killers are, as Aaron Sorkin put it in his post-September 11 West Wing episode, the Islamic version of the Ku Klux Klan. They are right-wing religious crackpots who will brook no deviation from the path to a world-wide Islamic state. This is not the way Islam is practised in Indonesia or in Australia. But mark this: the first sign here of this brand of intolerance, of fanaticism, of death-worship, and I expect the Hammer of God to come down repeatedly and from a great height. I want anyone involved who does not have full citizenship to be booted unceremoniously back to the country they bloody left to choose this place. I want their families out. I want their friends and associates marked as suspect and a possible threat to security.

There will be more over the days to come.

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