Saturday, October 19, 2002

Are you starting to notice that the media is full of references to the “Vietnam experience”, but never the “Kuwait Experience”, the “Kosovo Experience” or the “Afghanistan Experience”. How about the “Normandy Experience”? The “Cold War Experience”?

The Left has to keep hammering at Vietnam since it represents the only significant defeat in what has basically been a string of successes that continue through to today. Each time the US goes to war, less civilians are killed, less soldiers are killed, the wars get faster and faster, humanitarian consequences get smaller. Without Vietnam, they have no touchstone, no compass.

And remember, Vietnam represents the high water mark for Dissent in the West. How many of today’s veteran activists are People Power leftovers? How many of their children are keeping the faith, just like second and third generation Klansmen? They have never affected policy before or since, so their continual harking back to the 60’s is only about their desperate attempts to appear relevant long after technology, opinion and politics passed them by.

So the next time some WBW-leghumper mentions “Vietnam!”, you say I’ll see your Vietnam, and raise you Kuwait. Watch them flounder; it’s fun.

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