Wednesday, October 09, 2002

APOLOGIES for the deafening silence of the last few days (or acknowledgement of applause, depending on your views). Number One Daughter committed herself to a producing a short video, so which Muggins gets to:
- Install new hard drive capable of handling video editing suite;
- Install video editing suite;
- Earn how to use video editing suite;
- Teach child how to use video editing suite;
- Stand next to child while she uses video editing suite.
This meant a finishing time of about 8.00 pm each night, by which time I was full prepared to throttle the computer, the dog, and any fool who suggested I spend any more damn time in front of the screen.

So try these:

DNA testing here we come.

Zookeeper dung collection ban leads to dangerous levels in chimp enclosure.

Sir Richard Branson rejects wide body Boeings, targets lucrative “big hair traveller” market.


I gotta have fun with this
Kamikaze Instructor Meets War Veterans
LONDON (Reuters) - A man who trained Japanese kamikaze pilots had a friendly meeting with some of their former targets in London Monday

You at the back of the class! Pay attention! If you don't listen, it could one day save your life!


Two Iraqi immigrant recently granted refugee status have gratefully named their baby after the Immigration Minister Phillip Ruddock, thereby guaranteeing the kid a life of endless round of abuse from fellow immigrant children who can’t get Granny and Uncle Achmed out here on a working visa. Still, coodabeen worse, coodabeen grateful to the NSW Minister for Gaming and Racing.

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