Thursday, September 19, 2002


Another steaming plate of supposition, inference and conspiracy theory from Maureen Dowd, who is, I suppose, Margo Kingston's pin-up girl.

America's European and Arab allies now act more nervously about the cowboy in the Oval Office who likes to brag of America as "the greatest nation on the face of the Earth" than the thug in the Baghdad bunker.

Good! Excellent! I want the Euroweenies and hijack-schools to be nervous. I want them paying very close attention, so they can see that the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train.
"We don't want another war in this region," says an adviser to the Saudi royal family. "When Afghanistan is bombed, they just hit rocks. When there's bombing in our neighbourhood, they hit oil fields."

Except that the single biggest cause of oil fires has been Iraqi troops deliberately setting them alight. Like so many others, Maureen is still living in the days of Operation Rolling Thunder, carpet bombing and napalm.
Gerhard Schroeder's campaign prospects soared when he started running against Bush. "Many Germans," wrote The Times' Steven Erlanger, "seem to fear American military action in Iraq more than they fear Mr Hussein."

Once again, domestic politicking on international relations is just fine for the Germans, provided it delivers a poll jump. It must take strenuous efforts to remain ignorant of domestic US polls that show Bush's approval rising to 86 per cent. In the columnist trade, this is know as an "inconvenient fact".
Privately, Saudi officials say they are alarmed by the Bush team's military strutting, and think it would have been much better to get rid of Saddam with a covert operation. They agree with the President that Saddam is a monster who not only eliminates his enemies, real and perceived, but also their wives, children and friends.

The Saudis are asking for covert insertion teams to kill Saddam, privately contradicting their stance that the threat of Iraq be removed without "the firing of a single shot or the loss of a single soldier". Dowd does not disapprove of presumably CIA trained hit squads going in to bump of a head of state.
But the Bushies have got a taste of empire building in Afghanistan and they like it.

No need to back this up. It's Self-evident to the illuminated.
They can restore civilisation to the cradle of civilisation. Lemon fizzes, cribbage and cricket by the Tower of Babel. A 36-hole golf course on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates. ArabDisney in the hanging gardens of Babylon. Oil on tap at the Baghdad Hilton. Huge contracts for buddies in the defence and oil industries. Halliburton's Brown & Root construction company building a six-lane highway from Baghdad to Tel Aviv.

She doesn't feel the need to do the 23.4 seconds of research that would tell her that Iraqi amusement parks already exist, paid for with money that should be buying chemotherapy treatments.

So there you have it: a conspiracy at the highest level of the US Administration aimed at enriching the Cabinet and their cronies. The contracts are already written, the corporate winners already chosen. You have to admire the ability of the Bushies. They maintain their public persona simultaneously as bumbling fools and nuclear madmen, while managing to keep a huge conspiracy secret against the investigative powers of DowdGirl. They are somehow able to overcome their rigid thinking while constantly adapting their heinous plans for World Domination to each and every event that takes place.

Or you could assume that Dowd does not have the foggiest idea what she is talking about.

UPDATE: Juan Gato is also on form in his Bucket O' Rants.

Read this post of his before reading his slapping good time with her Royal Dowdness.
BTW, I have read a bit on the edges that the Beltway community was thrown back to how, whether by luck or design, they were played by Bush going to the UN and laying the smack down. The recent MoDo and McGrory columns cannot be viewed without taking into account the resentment at being used as they may have been. It's the backlash of the dupes.

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