Monday, September 09, 2002

Truly I would not want to be on the bad side of The Rottweiler when he gets a head of steam up. Today he's after the bats who are planning to stake themselves out as human shields to help out Iraq. Italics are the original article:
One of the British volunteers, Matt Barr, 21, a student from Chichester, West Sussex, said: "Obviously, it's unpleasant to consider that you could be killed, but it is important to extend the arm of solidarity and brotherhood to a nation that is suffering - to bear witness to what is happening to the ordinary people."
Unfortunately, it's very limited what you'll be able to say on the two seconds of fame that you'll have on the nose cam of a JDAM. I'm sure you can squeeze in an "Oh Shit!", though.

"Hi Mum! I'm on TV!
I have dedicated the last five years of my life to human rights.
Full points for appropriate use of the phrase "last five years of my life".

But if I had to point to one part of the staggering double standards these twits carry boldly to battle, it is this:
When Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, troops seized about 1,200 expatriate Britons. On Saddam's orders they were placed at key installations as "human shields". Their presence, Saddam reasoned, would deter allied air strikes.
The tactic prompted worldwide revulsion, especially when Saddam was filmed trying to create favourable propaganda by urging a five-year-old boy, Stuart Lockwood, from Worcester, to sit on his knee. The terrified boy refused.
Diplomatic efforts eventually led to the hostages' release, but many have suffered continuing psychological trauma. Two killed themselves.

These fools know this happened. A bloodthirsty dictator launches a war of aggression, entirely to seize the wealth of their neighbours. He takes children hostage, strapping them to his assets in order to protect his seizures. The effect on the hostages in ongoing and horrifying. And this is the regime the "seasoned non-violent activists" are laying their lives down to protect.

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