Monday, September 16, 2002

Traffic! Traaaaaffic!

The good shop TANSTAAFL has bobbed up into the Instaradar, and I hope I can keep it there.
We seem to have attracted the attention of one Demosthenes, where I rate highly on the KneeJerk ™ scale of spluttering moral outrage.

Demosthenes takes issue with another post where I ask for some hard numbers on the lower limit for an officially recognised International Coalition. These are not the questions for me to ask, because:
he showed that he hasn't the faintest clue what multilateralism is, what the point of it is, what the "coalition" term stands for in this context, what the U.N. charter says, what the U.N. does, what the role of the Security Council is, what the role of the General Assembly is, where the point of conflict is right now, what happened during the first Gulf War, or, well, anything.

Which gets it off your chest, but doesn’t answer the questions:
So you want a Coalition? Then define your terms please. After all, this is your idea:
1. How many nations? A firm number please.
2. Which nations?
3. Why not the others?
That last because Demosthenes didn’t link to the post on his blog, and I’ll assume it was an oversight that he didn’t quote the last paragraph:
One of the interesting things this whole debate shows up is the casual racism in the Left protests. They know that the opinions of Sierra Leone matter not a jot in the real world, but in Consensus Land ™, why is their opinion worth so much less than, say, Germany's?

One comment did interest me though:
there may be justifiable conflicts, just not this one.

Can he let us in on those conflicts he considers “justifiable”? and some concise reasons would be appreciated.

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