Saturday, September 14, 2002

Thanks to Little Green Footballs for this story.
A Mississippi man walking with his mother in Jackson suddenly pulled out a knife and stabbed her more than 15 times—because, he said, she was having an affair with a black man.
The son, Wade, told passersby that his mother deserved to die because she was having an affair with a Negro.

"He was walking with his mother hand-in-hand, when he suddenly drew a big knife and started stabbing her in the chest and face," according to shopkeeper who saw the killing. "It was a big shock for many people who happened to be in the market buying food before the long weekend”.
Another shopkeeper who also witnessed the killing said that at first he thought the woman was an outside agitator. "You know, we have become used to hearing about women who work with the NAACP," he said. "That's why when the young man started stabbing the woman, no one wanted to help here. We thought the killer was a member of the Klan."

The woman died shortly after arriving at hospital. They said she had been stabbed at least 15 times in different parts of the body.

The killing took place as dozens stood by, even as the victim, a mother of five, called for help, a town resident said. She said that only after the son fled the scene did a medical team approach the bleeding woman. ...

A source close to the family said the woman was divorced and had moved to Denver several years ago. The source would neither confirm nor deny that the victim had married a black man. "She was on a visit to her family in Jackson," the source said. "She didn't have a clue her son was planning to murder her. On Wednesday, people saw them walking happily, hand-in-hand in the central bus station. It's not clear what led the son to commit this crime."

Now go to the real story, and remember this when anyone tries to defend their true conduct

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