Friday, September 13, 2002

Surprising that anti-hug campaigner Tim Blair doesn't have this one yet.

Media wunderkind John Safran eases up the corner of World Hug Day and finds …. an agenda! (pause for audience gasp).

Seriously, Safran is a very bright lad, and seems determined to make enemies of as many of the powerful as possible. He even dares to resist tugging the forelock to a certain Greens deity
The man known for his cold, monotone delivery, Greens Senator Bob Brown

With a minimum of research, Safran uncovers the religious cult backing Hug Day, a feat seemingly beyond the politicians and hangers-on who signed up.

For my money, the best part is the last:
Despite celebrity endorsement, Australia's "World's Biggest Hug" failed to break the Guinness Record set by 899 bankers at a New York conference in December 2000.


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