Thursday, September 19, 2002


Greg Sheridan writing in The Australian has some level views about Sammy boy.
SADDAM Hussein is a mass murderer, a prolific liar, a purveyor of torture and state-sponsored terrorism, a serial violator of UN Security Council resolutions, a serial invader of his neighbours, and a possessor and user of weapons of mass destruction.

All that is given, acknowledged by Simon Crean as well as John Howard and by the European Left as well as the American Right. The question now is: Where does Hussein's agreement to accept weapons inspectors lead us?

You have to wonder why there are any questions raised about whether the world is better off without him, don't you?

On The Letter:
Anyone who believes Hussein has had a sincere change of heart, or no longer harbours aggressive intent, should go see their psychiatrist at the earliest opportunity.

Are you listening Mr Galloway?
A little bit of historical perspective:
In the end the US never makes an absolute choice between multilateralism and unilateralism. It does whatever works and whatever is needed. Eight years of multilateral efforts on the Iraq problem under Bill Clinton produced embarrassing failure. The mere prospect of unilateral US action kick-started the UN into facing reality and its own long-simmering crisis of credibility, as the PM pointed out.

And one for the KneeJerks in the ALP Hard Left:
Oh, and by the way, Canberra will in the end support whatever the US does, just as it would have done if Kim Beazley were PM and not Howard.

That's gotta sting.

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