Saturday, September 21, 2002

Question for today:

Given that the West Bank and Gaza are constantly portrayed as seething rabbit warrens of despair and poverty etc, and this NY Post article describes Arafat’s compound as massive, , then the question is: what was there before Arafat?

It’s unlikely to have been greensward, or a conveniently empty patch in the heart of Nablus. But for the time being, it’s a heavily fortified compound with enough room for Arafat and chums to hide while the IDF runs about breaking things.

Is it possible that the Palestinian Authority just, I don’t know, kicked a bunch of Palestinians out on their arses?

UPDATE: Meryl Yourish informs me the compound was built by the Brits in the 20's, and rightly dings my research. Reader Alex Robson contributed this BBC News story with additional details. Thanks folks.

This will not, however, diminish my glee at the thought of the old swine waiting alone in the dark with nothing but his stockpiled baby wipes for consolation. Is the battery of this cell phone working? Hello?
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