Thursday, September 26, 2002

A NOTE OF SUPPORT from Jennifer Hewitt in the Sydney Morning Herald.
There are no good options when it comes to Iraq. But can we at least avoid the sanctimonious pretence that doing nothing is so morally superior?

Contrast this with a letter published today from a cross-party collection of oldies who believe:
it would constitute a failure of the duty of government to protect the integrity and ensure the security of our nation to commit any Australian forces in support of a United States military offensive against Iraq without the backing of a specific United Nations Security Council resolution.

This still begs the question: What’s the alternative? If the UN backs our risk assessment and passes a Resolution, fine. But if they don’t, that does not change the threat assessment one iota. The risk and the threat remain exactly as they were before the vote. Who knows you crazy brother-in-law better; you or the cops?

As far as this letter is concerned, they should check back to see exactly who has shouldered a big slice of doing the work “to protect the integrity and ensure the security of our nation”. HINT: they weren’t wearing blue helmets.

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