Saturday, September 14, 2002


I want to see some hard numbers on what the acceptable level of “international support” is, and I want to see them up front. Written down. If it’s 10, 20 or 50, I want to know in advance, so these multilateral weenies can be shown for what they really are: whining, kvetching dills whose morality shifts like sand. Whose integrity is like catching smoke. Whose idea of consistency is like a greased pig chase.

And I want to hear someone say out loud that they would rather see International Law ™ upheld, and the sovereign integrity of this week’s tin-pot sandbox maintained, even if it costs Australian and US civilian lives. A smoking hole in Sydney, a botulism massacre in Chicago, a car bomb in London. These are worth the price aren’t they?

Go on the record. Tell us how many civilians in your country have to die before you will admit that we should not be hostage to the good wishes of the UN Security Council. That the word of your elected leaders is worth more than that group. I want numbers.

Bloody well say it. Or get out of the way.

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