Saturday, September 28, 2002


Marian Wilkinson has a lot to learn if she wants to a) pass this off as Journalism; or b) continue in her self-appointed role of showing the world Why War Is Evil.

In what claims to be coverage of the Congressional hearings, those against an attack get eight grafs or more of quotes, and are described as
clearly itching to take a swipe at the armchair generals in the Defence Department.

the hawks in the Bush Administration are intensely impatient for the war to begin.

A one-sentence mention of “Other generals, some who supported immediate action” is all signage the pro-war military gets.

Intelligence is “vague and impossible to verify”, as if this was somehow an unusual situation in dealing with police states. When trying to make a political case, intelligence gets “strategically dropped”.
But as the chorus of concern grew louder this week, Mr Bush turned a deaf ear. The bottom line is that he and his most influential advisers believe the military campaign against Iraq will be a war of liberation that will quickly topple Saddam.

Get the little reference to “influential advisers”, with all the Strangelove bunker images. The Kurds don’t escape the treatment either. They’re not an oppressed minority, pulling themselves up by the bootstraps under US protection, providing many of the services Saddam’s Iraqis don’t get while living under the same sanctions . That’s because
A recent report on the Iraqi economy revealed that the key Kurdish party in the north has made massive economic gains from kickbacks on the illegal oil trade between Turkey and Iraq.

The only pro-war voice to get a quote is Colin Powell, but even he started from behind as he “tried to assure Congress and US allies”.

And as we have come to expect, not a single mention or defence of the policy of status quo. Sigh.

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