Sunday, September 08, 2002


Hmmm. Agreement with Robert Corr. Brain … hurting …. must find unmarried reffo … slap around.

But I'll defer to Rob on this, at least on the substantive points. Rob has been pursuing the case of a compensation fracas this last week, and I’ve been watching, as it has made me uneasy on various level. Read Corr’s initial spot here, and follow up here.

One thing this whole sorry affair reflects is the wilful ignorance of a great deal of the coverage on this case. Why is it left to a humour columnist like Richard Glover to inform us that the beatee was not in fact inside a home? Any decent reporter with three neurones to rub together can explain the difference in law between “trespass” and “break & enter”.

So I’m with Robert on this one, except that he fails to assign a measure of guilt or responsibility to the young dickhead who copped the beating. Joshua Fox is an idiot, who almost certainly would have escalated to break & enter, but for the intervention of the publican. Response to a threat is legitimate, deadly or excessive force is not. Fox’s compensation award is ridiculously high, and should be trimmed by at leat half on the basis of contributory negligence. His mother should not get cent one.

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