Friday, September 06, 2002

It's a bumper crop today.

At Whacking Day, Tex comprehensively bookends the Bunyip's work.

Tim Blair sinks the slipper into Greens who would rather see Africans die than let them eat GM food.

The Indepundit has a summary of Saddam and the Bomb, as well as good linkage to other resources.

Public Interest UK shoulders the duty of knifing this wingnut from The Times, who has the classic Greens logic:
"But Kyoto is not about solving the global warming problem in one fell swoop, any more than the summit in Johannesburg was about eliminating all global poverty and environmental degradation. These protocols, treaties and summits are steps in a long journey whose ultimate destination cannot even be defined".

Geddit? Don't know where we're going, or why, but let's get started. How could that approach possibly go wrong?

Pejman Pundit can rest easy, after his contribution on
the knuckle-draggers at Warbloggerwatch, and their various intellectually supine supporters.

Intellectually supine! Gold star for you.

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