Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Is Stephen Green part of your daily reading? If not, you're missing out.

Steve is writing some of the best, most cogent arguments on why this is a war to the death, for one side or the other. Check today's instalment about why civil libertarians should favour the war:
Let me repeat: I am for this war because I am a civil libertarian.
We cannot negotiate our way to peace with those who demand our destruction. We cannot buy off multimillionaires who live in caves by choice. We cannot appease would-be global God-Emperors. We cannot have an exit strategy when the front lines are in Manhattan. So don’t fool yourself into thinking that there is some sort of wiggle room or Security Council resolution or fancy language that can get us painlessly out of this mess.
The choice is ours: We can give up our lives, or our freedom, or our nation – or the Islamists can go to hell, by way of Daisy Cutter.

Fine stuff, and equally applicable in Sydney.

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