Friday, September 13, 2002

Indepundit has taken the issue of ABL Dead or Alive to the microscope.
Fact 1: Al-Qaeda says Osama is alive but has not offered any proof.
Fact 2: The U.S. has not claimed or offered proof that he's been killed or captured.
Possibility 1: Osama is alive and free
Option 1.1: Al-Qaeda has proof
Option 1.2: The U.S. has proof
Option 1.3: Neither has proof (Osama has retired)
Possibility 2: Osama is dead or captured by U.S. forces
Option 2.1: Al-Qaeda has proof
Option 2.2: The U.S. has proof
Option 2.3: Neither has proof
The question is, which of the possibilities fits most closely to the facts and assumptions. The answer, I submit, is that Osama was killed or captured in the Tora Bora offensive.

This is forensic work at its best. Go read.

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