Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I'm not a constant reader of The Corner, but a piece today from Jonah Goldberg is worth reading. He takes on Susan Sontag's drift towards war, by dissecting her judgement of them as criminals.
The problem with this argument is that it uses "crime" and "criminals" as metaphors too. When she says there should be no "wartime" at home, she means that we should have the same rules toward sleeper cells of suicide bombers as we do toward people who rob 7/11s.

So, are terrorists – who claim to be at war, who use military tactics and have essentially military motives – more like criminals or enemy combatants? I say they are enemy combatants, and particularly nasty ones at that because they don’t obey the rules of war. Nevertheless, Ms. Sontag et al. claim that these combatants deserve better treatment than past combatants who did obey the rules of war. They don’t just deserve a Red Cross care package, they deserve Miranda warnings and Johnny Cochran. I think that’s ridiculous.

This should be kept in mind next time you hear some hair liberationist arguing that there has "not been sufficient proof" to justify war.

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