Sunday, September 08, 2002

I can’t get a link to a Sydney Morning Herald Review of an SBS program scheduled tonight, called “Muslims”. But here’s the money quote from reviewer Greg Hassall:
A Nigerian lawyer defends Sharia law, claiming Islamic cultures prefer community harmony to individual freedom and that “people have to be allowed to believe what they want to believe”

Fair enough, but what we see here is a patter on oppression against women. Islam hardly has a monopoly on this – institutionalised sexism is a tradition in most cultures. But when you take a secular system of law for granted, such unbending imposition of moral codes seems brutal

“seems brutal”? Bloody well “seems brutal”? Why the qualification? Why not say what you mean Greg; that burying people up to their necks and bashing their brains in with rocks is not part of civilisation as any thinking person would define it today, that the people that would practice such barbarity are cast out until they mend their ways, and that unless and until these practices end, the voice of these animals will not be heard.

“Seems” fair to me.

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