Saturday, September 14, 2002

Can someone for God’s sake tell Phillip Adams how much he is embarrassing himself?

This week’s bullshit sees him suggest that Japan, Germany and Egypt (Egypt for pity’s sake!) are going to suddenly develop nuclear weapons because the US is investigating using tactical nukes to pulverise deep bunkers and cave complexes that hold various shitheel command and control operations. Yes, far better to have Saddam be able to push that big red button because he’s managed to dig himself ten yards deeper than the reach of our ideologically-approved weapons.

It’s easy to imagine twits like this watching Agincourt, squealing that longbows were the work of the devil. “the French street will rise up!”

Exactly why would Japan or Germany make a decision to divert hundreds of billions of dollars into a nuclear weapons program, Adams does not feel the need to tell us. Equally, we are in the dark as to exactly who they would be used against. He can’t say who, because the obvious answer is nutballs like Saddam, Kim il Jong, Gadaffi etc. But to admit that would be to admit there is a real threat there. So better to leave the question dangling.

Throw in Russia and China, who he thinks will ramp up their defence spending, even though they can barely feed themselves, their own Budgets are in tetters, and they only have to look at a pre-1989 atlas to see what happened to the last country that tried to match the US in any kind of defence spending.

He is trapped in circa 1980 thinking, when missiles were increasing, and that funny man Reagan was about to start making a fool of himself in the White House. Now he has the chance to recycle all his old scripts, once more preening for a fawning audience of rusted-on devotees.

Adams has devoted a large part of his adult life to 1) pretending he didn’t make vast pile of readies from advertising, and that he is still relevant to the Left; and 2) correcting the horrendous mistake that us iggorant, racist Aussies have made (three times on the trot!) by not electing the Government Adams had so graciously picked out for us. Really, the ingratitude.

So he can’t get through a column without the snide ad hominem swipe at the Prime Minister (Little Johnnie. Veeeery original, fat boy). He can’t get through a column without ridiculing the US as being “contemptuous of the UN”. I particularly liked the faux concern for “sending Australians into harm's way”. To people like this, dead troopers are stepping stones to influence, nothing more.

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