Tuesday, September 03, 2002


But not in the way the Glorious Antiwar Crusade might have hoped for.
Kuwait became the first Arab state yesterday to signal support for a US-led military coalition against Iraq, in marked contrast to the caution shown by other countries in the region.

A Kuwaiti government official said: "If America asks for support Kuwait will give it. I expect the same response from all Gulf states. There may be the need publicly to be anti-war, but under-the-table deals are being struck."

This highlights the danger of talking to people who will have to deal with the consequences; they seldom agree that talking is a good thing.
A spokesman for the deputy prime minister's office said: "The Kuwaiti people are tired of living under the constant threat of aggression from Iraq.
"Those people who say that sending weapons inspectors into Iraq may be a solution to the current crisis are not those who are living within reach of his missiles and his chemical weapons. How can we feel safe with Saddam Hussein next door?"

UPDATE: I forgot to add other Middle Eastern nations in support of the invasion, namely Qatar and Israel. It's certain that Jordan will vacillate until the rubber hits the road, and Syria will jump on the bandwagon to eliminate a rival Ba'ath party. Further, it looks like the Europeans are starting to see the light of the oncoming train.

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