Friday, August 02, 2002

Watching the News Hour with Jim Lehrer last night. Kind of a soothing balm against Nightline and Phillip Adams. One of their interviewees raised a salient point: We are not talking about starting a war with Iraq. The war has never ended, and is underway as we speak. American and Australian forces work together to enforce UN sanctions against the Butcher of Baghdad.

ASIDE: can you even imagine what kind of a loony-tune you have to be to get the title of butcher in that part of the world?

What is being foreshadowed is an escalation of existing hostilities. Every day US planes enforce the Kurds safe haven by shooting and bombing Iraqi installations. Every day Iraq violates UN Security Council resolutions on weapons inspections. Iraq has provided all the reasons necessary to escalate the war, and enforce the UN wishes.

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