Wednesday, August 21, 2002


Michael Mansell, Australia’s answer to Louis “Screwy Louie” Farrakhan, didn’t get much play with his version of events in Zimbabwe.

From Mansell:
"How does Zimbabwe's choice of dealing with its legacy become wrong, while Australia's failure to do anything become right?" Mr Mansell said.

From Genocide Watch:
Nearly six million people in Zimbabwe, almost half the population,
now need emergency food rations, according to the United Nations
Relief and Recovery Unit’s latest bulletin, issued this week.
Simultaneously, UNAids’s Barcelona report on global Aids this week
estimated that 34 per cent of Zimbabweans between the ages of 15
and 49 are infected with the virus. Aids and famine were made for
each other. Lack of nutrition lowers the body’s resistance, and
the virus is let loose to ravage the infected person. The virus’s
spread is accelerated as the hungry sell themselves for a meal.

From Mansell:
Mr Mansell said whites took and kept the land in both countries.
Zimbabwe's black government was dealing with its white invasion.

From The Tmes:
Drought is causing famine across southern Africa. In Zimbabwe the catastrophe is aggravated by the collapse of commercial farming, and manipulation of food supplies.

“There is only food available for half the country of 13 million people,” an economist in Harare said. “Robert Mugabe is employing the tactics of Pol Pot. He plans to get rid of the dissenting half of the population by starving them to death.”

Is there a common thread to this? Maybe. In 1987 Mansell shot himself and his cause in the foot by taking his cause to that well-known champion of indigenous rights, Colonel Gaddafi of Libya. Now it turns out that Mugabe is in hock up to his eyeballs to the self-same Gaddafi, and has in fact transferred big pieces of the seized farmland not to the “war veterans” or original owners, but to Gaddafi to pay for oil debts. It seems Gaddafi won’t accept Zimbabwe Express anymore, and has demanded something a little more concrete. Like an Embassy. Or passports for thousands of Libyans who for some reason don’t want to travel on Libyan documents.

Mansell himself is embroiled in rorting of Tasmanian aboriginal welfare rolls, because of the ludicrous system that prevails here whereby anyone can claim aboriginal identity for themselves, regardless of proof to the contrary. He is resisting DNA testing of the claims, but I suspect his reasons will get shriller the longer the scandal drags on.

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