Friday, August 02, 2002

Suspected Taliban fighter David Hicks will remain in Gitmo Bay for the time being.


Get a grip, civil libertarians! This guy volunteered to fight for one of the most evil, repressive, misogynistic, bloodthirsty regimes that the world has seen. He supported a government that sheltered terrorists, blew up ancient statues, exported heroin, conducted public executions, created famines, murdered gays, starved women and children, razed villages.

Do you get it yet? There is no way that Hicks was not aware of most, if not all of the crimes of the Taliban. And he went. The bastard payed his own way! He's a volunteer! Would anyone be squealing this loud if he had been captured fighting for the Serbs in Kosovo?

I can tell you, I'm glad my government is leaving him in Cuba. And when the Americans are done with him, I want the mad bastard sent back to Afghanistan to be dealt with. I do not want people like that here. You do not want people like that here. And especially, the moderate muslim community better recognise that they will be better off if thugs like Hicks are kept out.

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