Friday, August 30, 2002

Steven den Beste produces good work like the rest of us would like to. He makes it look easy, and can hold the attention through some important work.

This time he extends but softens my argument that Western Society is superior to others, and we should not shrink from holding it up as an example.
Their mantra is that all cultures are equally valid, and when someone from another culture acts in a way we don't understand, that for us to condemn it is wrong. We have to understand it within the context of their culture, and accept that their ways are just as good as our ways, even if they're different.
That's a fine philosophy stated in the abstract. But as the details of life in the Islamic world have come to light, there's been a deafening silence from such people about the sheer brutality and barbarity of some of their customs, particularly in how they treat their women.

Steve then dissects female circumcision, death by stoning and public beheading. Why are these things ignored, in favour of bitching about a war against Iraq?
The reason they ignore the sheer barbarism of treatment of women in Islam is that to acknowledge it would require them to admit that this is a place where Western culture has actually mostly gotten it right, albeit only recently and pushed in that direction kicking and screaming. If one is a female human, one's life and prospects are far better in Europe or Canada or the US than anywhere else.

Where to from here?
It means admitting that they would be better off becoming more like us. The reason they can't accept that Sharia is wrong is because the only alternative is adoption of one of the many descendants of Roman Law, originally created by dead white males.

Don't you love that phrase, "dead white males"? Like Thomas Jefferson. Like Martin Luther.

If cultural imperialism gets up your nose, try to think of theocracies as a disease, and secular democracy as the cure. Do we really have the right to withhold treatment?

For the many new visitors that have come through in the past few days, read Steve's essay. Send me an email, let's take the temperature.

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