Thursday, August 22, 2002


Got this through Dodgeblog.

Apparently, Cherie Blair is being touted about the British Labour Party as the Epitome of Working Class Woman
Joe Ashton, a former Labour MP, said Mrs Blair - a QC who is reputed to earn around £250,000 - was a model working class woman. He said family background was the key factor.

Now for those of you without access to your collective farm’s All-People’s Currency Converter, that’s about AUD$700,000.
Mr Ashton did not try to suggest that Tony Blair, who went to private school, fitted the working class label.

Thank heavens for small mercies.
"If you are a bloke, it [being working class] means you have got an army of friends who live off their skills and their wits and don't live off their education,"
Do you get the feeling this guy watched “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” just a few hundred times too many? What’s next? Forelock tugging? Happy urchins in the sooty streets? “’Ere guv’nor, carry your bags?”

Is this twit serious? Well, yes. And he’ll get plenty of support here. Who can forget the spectacle of coal miner’s wives teary-eyed to camera about how they might lose the house because of lay offs. News Flash for miners: if your household income is over $100,000 per year, and you live in a house that only costs $150,000, then it really is your lookout if you’re not ahead on the mortgage.

UPDATE: Iain Murray is The Edge of England's Sword, and suggests this is part of the post-class consciousness phase for the UK. Interesting.

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