Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Scoot over to The Edge of England's Sword for an excellent essay by our very own Ozblogger Scott Wickstein.

Scott is looking at the concept of the Anglosphere, and the benefits it brings. I'm on the record that Western Society is better than others, and I can see the Anglosphere as a large subset of the West, with many unique characteristics. Shared values, shared institutions, and the priceless heritage of English Common Law. This point is put well by comments reader Bill Bennett
The Anglosphere is among other things a zone in which the transaction costs for the transmission of memes are especially low. This means that ideas and attitudes are shared quickly throughout Anglosphere information space. This also means that bad memes spread just as fast as good ones; e.g., the globalization of antiglobalization rhetoric.

Scott introduces the "network Commonwealth" of the Anglosphere, with increasing free trade, and sharing of standards.

Congratulations Scott on fine piece of work.

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