Monday, August 12, 2002

Professor Bunyip has provided today's required reading. He makes his case for some new form of colonialism to replace the decades of neglect masquerading as self-determination.
If Australia is serious about the reponsibilities Sheridan would have us shoulder, it can bestow nothing finer on the region than the reverence for property rights, free speech and civilised tolerance that have made our own land a stable and thriving success. These principles aren't just for white folks, they are universal absolutes -- the only stones fit to build a sturdy edifice in which citizens may bow in gratitude and security before the rule of law.

Get this straight: there is no racist argument here, and no desire to return to the days of howdahs and drinks on the plantation. The good professor is accepting some degree of responsibility for abandoning Papua New Guinea when they patently did not have the social capital in place to run a democracy. The place is unravelling, and as sure as night follows day, famine will follow the collapse of the central government.

Read it, and remember that what PNG has now is manifestly not working.

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