Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Over to Tech Central for an interesting piece on the Asian Brown Cloud, and the politicisation of the UN climate figures.
Nightmarish reports like the ABC have a way of appearing right before big U.N. environmental conferences—and being proven wrong not long thereafter. In 1995, a Geneva meeting, which gave rise to the infamous Kyoto Protocol on global warming, was prefaced with a breathless pronouncement that we now had climate models that matched the real atmosphere, lending credibility to gloom-and-doom forecasts of climate change. Months later, Nature magazine was compelled to publish a paper showing that the data which the U.N. cited was incomplete, and when all the numbers were put in, the correspondence vanished.

The U.N.'s most recent world environment confab occurred last fall in Marrakech. Days before that one, we learned that the poor islanders of Tuvalu were being drowned by sea level rises caused by global warming. Within days, an article appeared in Science magazine showing that sea level around Tuvalu has been falling, not rising, for most of the last 50 years.

And remember, the Cloud is coming from the very countries that the Kyoto Protocol does not apply to. So the poor of India and Bangladesh can continue to die from ongoing choking smog, courtesy of well-fed Western activists from clean countries.

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